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Oak Ecology


We understand that every development is different so please do get in touch to see if we can provide the services you require.

Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEA)

PEA's are usually the first surveys on new sites. They consist of a Phase 1 habitat survey and will assess what ecological impacts the developments will have. From this we can advise for further surveys and mitigation to aid planning applications.

Great Crested Newt Surveys

Great Crested Newts are legally protected under UK Law. We can determine if they are present in waterbodies through eDNA surveys, bottle trapping, refuge searching and torching.


Bat Surveys

All bats in the UK are protected and it is illegal to kill or injure bats. It is also illegal damage, destroy or recklessly disturb bat roost. Our bat species will roost in buildings and tree so they are an important consideration for planning applications.

​We can provide:

  • Preliminary Roost Assessments on buildings

  • Ground level and aerial inspections on trees

  • Emergence/Re-entry surveys.

Reptile Surveys

Reptiles are often overlooked by many people but there are 6 species endemic to the UK. Common reptiles are 'partially protected' under UK law and developers need to take steps to avoid injuring them.

Smooth snakes and Sand lizards are rare in the UK and require licences to undertake surveys, unfortunately Oak Ecology does not have any staff with licences for these particular species. 

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